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If you are looking for professional quality bat detection and ultrasonic recording gear, consider the BAT approach.  We offer a complete solution.  Binary Acoustic Technology offers a line of Ultrasonic Receivers along with spectral analysis, bat detection and hard-disk recording software.  Combine one of our receivers, with our SPECTíR Mobile© software  and an ultra-mobile computer to form a complete ultrasonic detection and recording solution.   Include our new SCANíR© software to automatically scan through recordings and create parameter files.  Compare the features and price of our gear against our competition.  You will find that BAT offers high quality gear at a fraction of the price!


The Binary Acoustic Technology iFR-IV integrated field recording system is a complete light weight system that is easily field deployed for several days at a time.

New For 2017, Binary Acoustic Technology's AcroBAT System!
AcroBAT - Agile Call-Sequence Recording Optimizer
System includes AcroBAT Adaptive Receiver with AcroBAT software.
SKU/Item Number: AcroBAT-7HL-SYS

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Price: $1445

USB Microphones and Ultrasonic Receivers
miniMIC Ultrasonic Microphone with hemispherical pattern
The BAT miniMIC ultrasonic microphone with SPECT'R software.
SKU/Item Number: miniMIC-FG   more details... Price: $595
AR125 Ultrasonic Receiver with directional pattern
The BAT AR125 125KHz ultrasonic receiver with SPECT'R software.
SKU/Item Number: AR125-E1F   more details... Price: $965
AR150 Ultrasonic Receiver with hemispherical pattern
The BAT AR150 150KHz ultrasonic receiver with hemispherical coverage
SKU/Item Number: AR150-FG   more details... Price: $995
AR180 Ultrasonic Receiver with directional pattern
The BAT AR180 180KHz ultrasonic receiver with SPECT'R software.
SKU/Item Number: AR180-E1F   more details... Price: $1065
AR180 EXT Ultrasonic Receiver
The BAT AR180 EXT 180KHz ultrasonic receiver with extendable microphone element
SKU/Item Number: AR180-EXT   more details... Price: $1450

Field Recorders and Field Recording Systems
FR125-EXT Field Recorder System
The BAT FR125-EXT field recorder system including MIC and cable
SKU/Item Number: FR125-EXT   more details... Price: $1795
iFR-IV Integrated Field Recorder System
The BAT iFR-IV integrated field recorder including MIC and cable
SKU/Item Number: iFR-R4-EXT   more details... Price: $2195
iFR-V-SBS Integrated Field Recorder System with Smart Battery System
The BAT iFR-V-SBS integrated field recorder including one battery pack, one MIC and cable
SKU/Item Number: iFR-R5-SBS   more details... Price: $2395

Ultrasonic Transmitters and Bat Deterrents

AT100 Ultrasonic Transmitter and playback software
The BAT AT100 wide bandwidth ultrasonic transmitter, bundled with GTools software.
SKU/Item Number: AT100-E1P   more details... Price: $1250

BD100 Residential Bat Deterrent
The BD100 is a low power bat deterrent that is designed for residential application
    more details... Price: $495

Professional Software
SPECTíR software
The BAT Spectral analysis, digital Tuning, and Recording software.
SKU/Item Number: BS-STR-03   more details... Price: $195
SCANíR software
The BAT Snapshot Characterization and Analysis software.
SKU/Item Number: BS-SCA-01   more details... Price: $195
An assorted list of pieces, parts, and accessories.
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