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The BAT iFR-V-SBS integrated field recorder with Smart Battery System (SBS-V1.1)

iFR-V-SBS Integrated Field Recorder

The iFR-V-SBS Field Recorder System includes the iFR-V-SBS recorder in a weatherproof case with: one SBS battery pack (NH2054), one 20 foot EXT cable, and the choice of either a directional or hemispherical ultrasonic microphone.

iFR-V-SBS Field Recorder System      SKU/Item Number: iFR-R5-SBS                   Price: $2395

Additional SBS Battery Pack             SKU/Item Number: SBS-NH2054          Price:  $175

Optional built-in GPS Receiver                    SKU/Item Number: iFR-OPT-GPS          Price:  $200

Optional internal backup battery        SKU/Item Number: iFR-OPT-BAT            Price:  $150

Optional LCD Controller                  SKU/Item Number: FR-LCD-CF                  Price:  $150

The iFR-V-SBS is an integrated field recording system developed for multiple night and extended duration monitoring projects.  The iFR-V-SBS enhances Binary Acoustic Technologies field recorder product line with support for industry standard Smart Battery System (SBS) battery packs.  Each battery pack provides three nights of recording.  The SBS battery packs can be swapped out in the field, saving time and equipment costs for multiple night nomadic monitoring projects.

A typical three night nomadic recording system consists of an iFR-V-SBS Field Recorder along with an ultrasonic microphone, and two swappable battery packs.  The system can also be reconfigured into a extended duration recording system by adding, a USB hard drive, and a 20W solar panel.

The iFR-V-SBS is a fully weather proof system.  It includes an integrated SBS V1.1 battery charge controller, an embedded microcontroller, a high speed 16-bit digitizing system and two USB connectors which allow it to operate external USB hard-drives, Compact Flash writers, or USB thumb-drives.

Internally, the iFR-V-SBS runs an embedded version of SPECTíR software.  It supports an operation timer, the WAVPACK loss-less compressed file format, sleep mode to conserve battery power, a file scrubber to reduce noise-only files, and a remote file transfer mode that will automatic transfer recordings back to a specified FTP site.

The iFR-V-SBS operates using Binary Acoustic Technologies EXT ultrasonic microphone units.  It can be outfitted with either directional or hemispherical ultrasonic microphones. The microphone interface supports cable lengths of up to 250 feet.

Product Specification:


                 download spec sheet  (PDF 229K)

Product Highlights
  • Full Spectrum recording

  • Automated snapshot generation

  • Timer for unattended operation

  • Sleep mode to conserve battery

  • Hot-swappable SBS V1.1 battery pack

  • Built-in file scrubber

  • Loss-less file compressor

  • Remote file transfer capability

  • Directional or Hemispherical Microphone

  • Compatible with most USB storage devices

Optional LCD Controller


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