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AR125 Ultrasonic Receiver

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The BAT AR125 125KHz ultrasonic receiver with wideband ultrasonic element .  The AR125 comes with one copy of SPECT'R recording software.



SKU/Item Number: AR125-E1F

Price: $965


The AR125 is a professional quality ultrasonic receiver that is designed for ultrasonic recording and acoustic analysis.  It employs a directional, wide bandwidth ultrasonic element along with ultrasonic to digital conversion technology to produce a   high quality, 16-bit, digitally sampled acoustic stream that is injected directly into a laptop, lab computer, or field recorder.


The AR125 has a 1KHz to 125KHz frequency range and an outstanding 90dB dynamic range.  The combination of features and performance make the AR125 a very cost effective high performance receiver.


The AR125 is specifically designed for applications such as bat recording and vocalization analysis where directivity and a wide ultrasonic frequency range are desired.  It employs low noise circuitry along to achieve high sensitivity along with a large dynamic range.  It is sensitive enough to detect the faintest sound a human can hear (0 dB SPL) and it is capable of detecting bats at distances up to several hundred feet.



Product Specification:


                 download spec sheet  (PDF 600K)

Product Highlights

 Wideband ultrasonic element

 Direct digital conversion technology

 1KHz to 125 KHz operating range

 High sensitivity and 90 dB dynamic range

 High speed USB 2.0 interface

 Durable aluminum enclosure

 Pistol grip handle with 1/4-20 camera mount



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