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Spectral analysis, digital Tuning,

 and Recording Software

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The BAT Spectral analysis, digital Tuning, and Recording software.



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The SPECTíR software performs spectral analysis, digital tuning, and hard-disk recording.  It is designed for field collection and it is capable of operating up to four ultrasonic receivers from a single laptop.  SPECTíR can also be used as standalone playback processor to playback and reprocess or analyze recorded data.


As of version 3.0, SPECTíR incorporates two more significant features and capabilities.  First, SPECTíR now includes the WAVPACK loss-less file compressor which reduces the recording size by a factor of three.  This increases the time span that SPECTíR can be left out during unattended recording.   Second, SPECTíR now includes several of  the advanced call detection and insect noise rejection techniques that were first developed for the SCANíR automated processing software.  This effectively simultaneously increases the detection range of an AR125 system and reduces the number of false detection recordings.


SPECTíR includes a complete collection of spectral analysis tools.  The main window features a  unique short duration, sonogram called SonoSCOPE that is useful for real-time species identification.   In addition, SPECTíR includes a ultrasonic spectral display that is useful for performing surveys of the acoustic environmental.  Both spectral analysis tools are mouse operated and can be used to make frequency, time duration, and sound pressure measurements.


SPECTíR includes a high performance digital tuner that translates high frequency ultrasonic signals down to the human audio range.  The tuner uses true heterodyning and advanced Digital Signal Processing (DSP) to produce a high quality audio signal which can be played through a windows compatible sound port  for live monitoring and/or recorded for future playback.


At the heart of SPECTíR is a versatile hard-disk recorder that supports two different recording modes: full-bandwidth, and snapshot.  In full-bandwidth mode, the entire bandwidth of the ultrasonic receiver ( >200Ksps) is recorded continuously to disk.  This preserves all the nuances of the original ultrasonic environment.  Full-bandwidth recordings can be reprocessed after-the-fact to search for bat vocalizations,  and/or perform acoustic species identification.  Full-bandwidth mode is most useful for recording emergences or other events where large groups of bats will be recorded.  Alternatively, in snapshot mode SPECTíR operates as an automated (full-bandwidth) snapshot recorder, generating snapshots only when bat vocalizations are detected.  All recordings are stored using industry standard 16-bit .wav file format.  Both the full-bandwidth and snapshot files are compatible with SonoBat (


Finally, to support file playback and reprocessing, SPECTíR includes a variable-rate playback function that supports all three record modes and any SonoBat compatible WAV file.  The playback rate is user selectable to allows an operator to employ a combination of time-stretching and digital heterodyning to obtain an optimum translation of  ultrasonic acoustics into the audio range.



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Product Highlights

 WAVPACK File compressor (NEW)

 Increased detection range (NEW)

 Insect noise filter (NEW)

 Operation Timer for unattended operation

 Digital Compensation filter for flat frequency response

 SonoSCOPE©, real-time sonogram.

 Full bandwidth spectrum analyzer

 High performance digital tuner.

 Digital hard-disk recording and playback.

 Automated snapshot recording mode

 SonoBat file compatibility

 Variable rate playback for time-stretching.

 Audio output on any windows compatible sound port

 Price includes free updates for 1 year.


SonoSCOPE© real-time sonogram

SPECTíR, SCANíR and SonoSCOPE are trade-names of Binary Acoustic Technology. WAVPACK is a trade-name of Conifer Software.

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