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The BAT AT100 Ultrasonic Transmitter
(tripod sold separately)

Product Summary

The BAT AT100 wide bandwidth ultrasonic transmitter.  It is sold bundled with GTools playback software.



SKU/Item Number: AT100-E1P

Price: $1250

The AT100 is a small, portable, ultrasonic transmitter that is designed to aid field research. It employs a wide bandwidth ultrasonic element along with an efficient wideband amplifier to produce an impressive 100dB SPL transmit capability in a small, light-weight package.


The AT100 is designed to be operated by a Windows based lap-top computer.  It connects a lap-top through a high speed USB 2.0 interface.  The bundled GTools playback software allows the user to select between prerecorded files and play them back through the ultrasonic transmitter.  The software supports the industry standard WAV file format and works with files generated by SPECTíR as well as others.


The AT100 ultrasonic transmitter is designed for low power operation.  The unit itself requires only 2 Watts of power and it is capable of operating off of power supplied through the USB interface.  Optionally, the AT100 can accept powered from an external 9 to 12 Volt source or battery pack.


One of the potential applications is bat calling.  It is well known by bat researchers that bats will come to investigate and aid other bats which are in distress.  Bat netting projects are more productive after catching a few bats because the distress calls, of those caught, attract even more bats.  Playing back distress calls has the potential to increase bat activity and increase the productivity of your netting projects and field surveys.




Product Specification:

           download spec sheet  (PDF 229K)

Product Highlights

 Small, Light weight and portable

 Transmit power: 100 dB SPL @ 1m

 Wide frequency range: 20 to 120 KHz

 Low operating power: 2 Watts

 High speed USB 2.0 interface

 Durable aluminum enclosure

 1/4-20 camera mount thread

 Bundled with GTools playback software.



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