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Snapshot Characterization and Analysis Software

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The BAT Snapshot Characterization andAnalysis software.


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SCANíR is an automated snapshot characterization and analysis tool.  It is designed to address two of the primary issues present in bat monitoring projects; namely 1) handling the high volume of data that is produced by modern Time Expanded (TE) and Full Bandwidth (FB) bat detectors, and 2) converting the recordings into meaningful measurements that can potentially be used to identify individual species and estimate populations.


First, SCANíR includes an advanced bat detection technique that can distinguish between actual bat calls and false alarms due to insects and other noise sources.  This feature is fully automated.  SCANíR is designed to process an entire snapshot directory and separate the files into two lists, a list of ďpassedĒ files that contain bat calls and a list of  ďfailedĒ files that donít.  Afterward, with a single button click, the operator can either delete all of the failed files or save all the passed files into a separate archive directory.


Second, SCANíR includes a fully automated characterization processor which isolates each bat vocalization and measures the relevant vocalization parameters.   It supports four different base parameter sets.  It currently produces files that conform to both  Analook and SonoBat protocols.  In addition SCANíR supports a few enhanced parameter measurements including Signal Pressure Level (SPL) and curvature, a spectral shape measurement.  The parameter measurements are written to a tab-delimited output file and can be imported into spread sheets as well as third party processing tools.


Finally, SCAN'R includes a state of the art Zero-Crossing translators which produces ZCD files which are compatible with Analook and other ZCD based analyzer.


These processing features can be employed to scan though volumes of recorded data and extract/archive only the files of interest.  This makes SCANíR an ideal tool for processing and maintaining bat call archives.




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Product Highlights
  • Advanced FFT-based call detector

  • Automated Call parameter measurement

  • Supports multiple parameter formats

  • State of the art ZCD translator

  • Operator controlled call filtering

  • Fully automated scanning operation

  • Single button archiving operation

  • Compatible with Analook, SonoBat, EchoClass, and BatCallID

  • Price includes free updates for 1 year


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