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 Agile Call-sequence Recording Optimizer

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New for 2017!

The BAT AcroBATtm System Bundle includes:
   One (1) AcroBAT
tm Adaptive Receiver.
   One (1) copy of AcroBAT
tm Software.

SKU/Item Number: AcroBAT-7HL-SYS

Price: $1445

AcroBATtm is Binary Acoustic Technology’s latest innovation in ultrasonic monitoring and recording technology. It was developed to support and enhance bat monitoring and classification research.  AcroBATtm employs a high-tech Angle-of-Arrival (AOA) tracking sensor to track and isolate individual bats.  As well, it is able to adaptively enhance bat calls, solving many acoustic issues that happen during field work.

This innovative recording system is composed of an AcroBATtm Adaptive Receiver, along with a copy of AcroBATtm software running on a Window’s laptop or tablet computer. The receiver supports a wide ultrasonic frequency range and is capable of tracking low frequency bats, in the audible range, as well as high frequency bats, up to a maximum frequency of 125 KHz. The software is compatible with Windows versions 7, 8, and 10.

Typical applications include bat acoustic mist-netting, transect monitoring, bat flight rooms, mice and rodent studies, and moth and insect research.

Please see the product documentation for more details.

Product Documentation:


           download product sheet  (PDF)

           download specification (PDF)

Product Highlights

· Features:
- Angle-Of-Arrival Tracking Array
- Hemispherical Coverage
- Tracks Low and High Frequency Bats
- Protective Aluminum Enclosure
- Weather Tolerant
- High Speed USB 2.0 Interface

· Capabilities:
  - Bat Tracking
  - Call Sequence Separation
  - Call Enhancement

· Applications:
  - Acoustic Mist-Netting
  - Transect Monitoring
  - Bat, Rodent, and Insect Research

· Specifications:
  - Seven (7) element AOA Array
  - Hemispherical Coverage
  - 1 to 125 KHz
Frequency Range
  - Sound Level Handling Limits
         Max: 110 dB SPL @ 1m
         Min:   12 dB SPL @ 1m


AcroBAT is a trade-name of Binary Acoustic Technology, LLC.

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