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BD100 Bat Deterrent

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The BAT BD100 Residential Bat Deterrent with Binary Acoustic Technologies Wideband Ultrasonic Masking technology. 

SKU/Item Number: BD100-WBC          Price: $495

Timer and power supply unit (required)

The timer and power supply unit is a wall mount unit.  It will operate up to four BD100 units.

SKU/Item Number: BD100-Timer         Price: $100

Product description:

Most commercially available acoustic bat repellents are not effective because they are designed to scare bats.  This is a mistake because once the bats get used to these devices, they come back.  What is needed is a better solution, the BD100 ultrasonic bat deterrent.

An ideal bat deterrent does not try to scare, instead it simply interferes with one of the bats amazing natural abilities, the ability to navigate using sonar.  In effect, the BD100 is a sonar jammer.  This offers a permanent solution because bats have no natural ability to overcome it.  Eventually the bats will be driven out of the area.

The BD100 is a professional grade ultrasonic bat deterrent that employs a proprietary new technology developed by Binary Acoustic Technology.  We call this technology wideband ultrasonic masking.  It generates a broadband signal that jams bat sonar making it difficult for bats to navigate.

The BD100 is a low power unit that is designed specifically for residential use.  It has an effective range of 12 feet which is perfect for a porch area or a small attic.  Simply hang it from a ceiling or a beam and connect the timer unit to a nearby wall outlet and let it go to work.

Product Specification:


                 download spec sheet  (PDF 600K)

Product Highlights

 Wideband ultrasonic masking technology

 Designed for residential use

 Durable aluminum enclosure

 Each unit covers a 12 foot radius



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