Binary Acoustic Technology LLC develops and manufactures
professional quality acoustic processing products for
bio-acoustic monitoring and field surveys.  We offer
ultrasonic recording, snapshot analysis, and ultrasonic
generation product lines.

 Our acoustic monitoring and recording product line includes
the new state-of-the-art AcroBAT© system. We also offer
the AR125, AR150 and AR180 ultrasonic receivers along
with SPECTíR©
spectral analysis and recording software.
These products form the foundation of a professional
grade, wide bandwidth, ultrasonic analysis and recording
capability that is suited to bat monitoring,recording and
vocalization analysis.

 Our fully integrated long duration recording solutions
 include the iFR-IV and iFR-V-SBS integrated field
  They are light weight, weather proof, and
portable. They are an ideal solution for both multiple night
and long duration acoustic monitoring projects.

 Sorting through and analyzing large numbers of field
recordings can be quite a chore.  To simplify this, we
offer an automated snapshot filtering and analysis tool
called SCANíR©.  SCANíR© is a versatile tool that is
designed to scan through archive directories and
separate the snapshots with bat calls from the
snapshots without.  This is very useful for filtering
through large volumes of field recordings and
maintaining libraries of good calls.  In addition,
SCANíR© automatically extracts all relevant call
parameter information, displays it, and saves it to a file
which can be imported into an Excel spread sheet for
further analysis.

 In addition to our recording and analysis products, we
offer a line of ultrasonic generation products.  This line
includes the AT100 ultrasonic transmitter and the BD100
residential bat deterrent.

 Our ultrasonic generator products are used in broad range
of bio-acoustic studies involving bats, rodents, and insects.
In addition, Binary Acoustic Technology is actively involved
in developing both residential and industrial strength
ultrasonic masking devices for use in bat deterrence.

 Binary Acoustic Technology has supported the bat
deterrence research being performed by BCI and the
Bat and Wind Energy Cooperative (BWEC).  We have also
successfully tested a residential version of the bat deterrent
in southern Arizona, New Mexico, Texas and California.

 If you are interested in bats, bat detectors, or ultrasonic
recording, we invite you to click through our web site and
learn more.

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AT100 Ultrasonic Generator

iFR-IV Integrated Field Recorder

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