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SPECTíR Mobile© Software

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SPECTíR Mobile© software.  SPECTíR Mobile© is a version of SPECTíR© that is optimized for running on the new generation of ultra-mobile personal computers (UMPC). 


SKU/Item Number: BS-SCRM-02

The SPECT'R Mobile software is bundled with BAT's ultrasonic receiver products.

Like SPECTíR, the SPECTR Mobile software package performs spectral analysis, ultrasonic translation, and hard-disk recording.  However, the Mobile version is optimized for running on the latest ultra-mobile (UMPC) class of handheld computers.  SPECTíR Mobile is primarily intended to be used as a mobile field recorder, but it can also be used as standalone playback processor to playback and analyze recordings.


SPECTíR Mobile retains many of the important features of SPECTíR including: the digital compensation filter; SonoSCOPE, the real-time sonogram; and the playback feature with time-stretching capability.  It also includes a versatile hard-disk recorder that supports two different recording modes: full-bandwidth, and snapshot.  In full-bandwidth mode, the entire bandwidth of the ultrasonic receiver is recorded continuously to disk.  This preserves all the nuances of the original ultrasonic environment.  Full-bandwidth recordings can be reprocessed after-the-fact to search for bat vocalizations, create snapshot files and/or perform acoustic species identification.  Full-bandwidth mode is most useful for recording emergences or other events where large groups of bats will be recorded.  Finally, when in snapshot mode SPECTíR Mobile operates as an automated (full-bandwidth) snapshot recorder, generating snapshots only when bat vocalizations are detected.  All recordings are stored using industry standard 16-bit .wav file format.  Both the full-bandwidth and snapshot files are compatible with SonoBat (


One of the driving factors in the design is to offer nearly hands-free operation.  To accomplish this the digital tuner was replaced with a state-of-the-art frequency compressor.  The frequency compressor simultaneously translates the entire ultrasonic environment down into the audio range.  It supports hands free operation, because no tuning is required.  In addition, the SonoSCOPE real-time sonogram was moved to the main window, replacing the interactive spectral displays.  This makes SPECTíR Mobile easier to use and it improves the users ability to make quick bat identification.

Product Highlights

 Digital Compensation filter to flatten frequency response

 SonoSCOPE©, real-time sonogram.

 Advanced Frequency compressor.

 Digital hard-disk recording and playback.

 Automated snapshot recording mode

 SonoBat file compatibility

 Variable rate playback for time-stretching.

 Audio output on any windows compatible sound port

 Bundled with BAT ultrasonic receivers



SPECTíR Mobile© Software

 shown running on a Tablet Kiosk UMPC.

  (The UMPC is sold separately).

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