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FR125-EXT Field Recorder

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The BAT FR125-EXT field recorder system

FR125-EXT system includes a 20 foot EXT cable and the choice of a directional or a hemispherical EXT Microphone.

SKU/Item Number: FR125-EXT-SYS         Price: $1795

Optional LCD Controller

SKU/Item Number: FR125-LCD-CF             Price:  $150


The FR125-EXT system is a complete field recording system developed for extended duration monitoring projects.  The system includes the FR125-EXT recording unit along with a 20 foot EXT microphone cable and the choice of a directional or hemispherical ultrasonic microphone element.  The system can support cable lengths of up to 250 feet.  Longer cables are available at additional cost.

Drawing just 3.2 Watts, the FR125-EXT is one of Binary Acoustic Technologies lowest power recording solutions.  It is capable of recording up to two weeks using a small 40 Ah external car battery and it will operate continuously with the addition of a 20 Watt or larger solar panel.

The FR125-EXT includes an integrated backup battery, an embedded microcontroller, a high speed 16-bit digitizing system and two USB connectors which allow it to control and operate an ultrasonic microphone along with a combination of  external USB hard-drives, Compact Flash writers, or USB thumb-drives.

Internally, the FR125-EXT runs an embedded version of  SPECTíR software.  It supports an operation timer, the WAVPACK loss-less compressed file format, sleep mode to conserve battery power, a file scrubber to reduce noise-only files, and a remote file transfer mode that will automatic transfer recordings back to a specified FTP site.

The FR125-EXT is backwards compatible and will operate with either Binary Acoustic Technologies EXT ultrasonic microphone units or with our USB-based ultrasonic receivers.

Product Specification:

                 download spec sheet  (PDF 229K)

Product Highlights


 Full Spectrum recording

 Loss-less file compressor

 Supports most USB storage devices

 Operation timer for unattended operation

 Sleep mode to conserve battery power

 Automated snapshot recording mode

 Sonobat file compatibility

 Built-in file scrubber

 Built-in remote file transfer capability

Optional LCD Controller


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