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FR125-III Field Recorder

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The BAT FR125-III field recorder

SKU/Item Number: FR125-R3

Price: $695

Optional LCD Controller

SKU/Item Number: FR125-LCD-CF

Price $150

The FR125-III is a low-power field recorder that is intended for over night and extended duration monitoring projects.  It is a lower power alternative to a laptop or ultra mobile personal computer (UMPC) .

The FR125-III includes two high-speed USB 2.0 connectors which allow it to control and operate an AR125 ultrasonic receiver along with a combination of  external USB hard-drives, Compact Flash writers, or USB thumb-drives.

A complete monitoring system can be assembled using a minimum of components.  A typical overnight recording system consists of an FR125-III Field Recorder along with an AR125 Ultrasonic Receiver and a single USB thumb or flash drive.  Multiple night recording can be accommodated either using multiple flash drives or switching to a larger external hard-drive.

An FR125-III system uses less than a third of the power drawn by a typical laptop system.  For example, an overnight system (a FR125, a AR125 and a thumb-drive) requires only 6.5 Watts of power.


Product Specification:


                 download spec sheet  (PDF 229K)

Product Highlights


 Full Spectrum recording

 Loss-less file compressor

 Supports most USB storage devices

 Operation timer for unattended operation

 Sleep mode to conserve battery power

 Automated snapshot recording mode

 Sonobat file compatibility

 Audio output for monitoring

 Audio input for audio or TE recording

 Built in remote file transfer capability

Optional LCD Controller


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