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AR180 EXT Ultrasonic Receiver

Product Summary

The BAT AR180-EXT 180KHz ultrasonic receiver with wideband ultrasonic element .



SKU/Item Number: AR180-EXT

Price: $1450

The AR180-EXT is a professional quality ultrasonic receiver that is designed for ultrasonic recording and acoustic analysis. It employs a directional, wide bandwidth ultrasonic element along with ultrasonic to digital conversion technology to produce a high quality, digitally sampled, acoustic stream that is injected directly into a laptop computer or field recorder to perform ultrasonic monitoring, and analysis.

The AR180-EXT system is specifically designed for bat monitoring applications which require that the detector is mounted quite a distance away from the recording device. The system consists of an ultrasonic microphone element and a ultrasonic digitizer unit. The two units are separable up to 250 feet and are connected using industry standard CAT-5e or CAT-6 cable.

The AR180-EXT is shipped with a 20 foot cable.  Longer cables can also be supplied, but with an additional charge




Product Specification:


                 download spec sheet  (PDF 229K)

Product Highlights

 Extendable microphone element

 Direct digital conversion technology

 1KHz to 180 KHz operating range

 High sensitivity

 High speed USB 2.0 interface

 Durable aluminum enclosure

 1/4-20 camera mount

 Price includes a 20 foot Cable



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